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Return Policy

Money And Products


Please contact directly with the company GANTADAKI EMILIA having at your disposal the proof of payment of the order and the email we have sent to you to resolve the issue immediately



We accept order cancellation only in case the order has not been sent from our store for delivery. In case the products are still with us, you can cancel your order, informing us and we will cancel it immediately by returning it to you amount you have already paid. We do not accept cancellation or return of an order upon receipt by the customer. Also, if the products of the order are a special order (personalized with engraving, or personalized label or are products that have been found / imported especially for you) the order can not be canceled.
All refunds are made either by crediting the customer’s account (in case of a deposit) or by crediting his card through which the initial collection was made. The company with an electronic website undertakes the return to be done as soon as possible. Depending on how the money is returned and the legal bank bookings, the process will be completed within 10 business days.


Responsible for the restoration is the company GANTADAKI EMILIA , which is responsible if the product, upon delivery, is defective or does not meet its characteristics.

The consumer must inform the company GANTADAKI EMILIA within a reasonable period of time from the appearance of the defect, which should not exceed three (3) days from the delivery of the product.

It is the responsibility of the company GANTADAKI EMILIA to prove that it is not defective.
The buyer can choose:
  • or the repair or replacement of the product, as long as it is possible and does not require disproportionate costs for the company GANTADAKI EMILIA ,
  • or withdrawal from the contract, as long as the defect is not insignificant.
The company GANTADAKI EMILIA must within a reasonable time to repair or replace the defective product.


The declaration of withdrawal of the consumer must be made in writing or in another fixed means, as the burden of proof that he has exercised the right, bears himself. The consumer can use the withdrawal form, provided by the company GANTADAKI EMILIA , or make any other clear statement of his decision to withdraw from this contract. The consumer has the right to withdraw unjustifiably from the contract from a distance or out of a commercial store within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product. If the company GANTADAKI EMILIA does not inform about the right of withdrawal, the withdrawal period expires 12 months after the end of the initial withdrawal period. The company GANTADAKI EMILIA is obliged to return the money within 5 days from the day on which it was informed about the consumer’s decision to withdraw from the contract. However, he may withhold a refund until the goods are returned or the consumer provides proof that he has returned the goods as well as the shipping costs.


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